Customer information



Orders can be placed by using the online order form. As soon as your order is received it will be processed in our administration and you will receive an email in which your order will be confirmed.


All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery. Information or prices are subject to change without notice. POKO accepts no responsibility for incorrect information or prices. All prices are in Euro. Invoicing will be in Euro.

Free delivery

POKO offers a free shipping from orders to a few countries if your order has a minimum amount. Below you will find the conditions of shipping costs for your country:
  • Netherlands         € 6.95 shipping costs for orders up to € 50.00. Above free shipping.
  • Belgium                € 9.00 shipping costs for orders up to € 50.00. Above free shipping.
  • Germany              € 9.00 shipping costs for orders up to € 50.00. Above free shipping.
  • Luxembourg         € 12.50 
  • France                  € 16.00 
  • United Kingdom   € 16.00 
  • Austria                  € 16.00 
  • Denmark               € 16.00 
  • Sweden                € 20.00 
Below you will find the shipping costs for some other countries for orders up to € 150,00  (above € 150,00 the same shipping costs applies for the next € 150,00):
Monaco           € 15.00
Estonia            € 18.00
Poland             € 18.00
Hungary          € 18.00
Ireland             € 18.00
Liechtenstein   € 18.00
Lithuania          € 18.00
Italy                  € 20.00
Latvia               € 20.00
Spain               € 20.00
Finland            € 25.00
Portugal          € 28.00
Croatia            € 28.00
Norway            € 57.50
Switzerland      € 57.50


You can transfer the money to one of our banks. Please see company information for all the accounts. 


After receiving your complete payment your order will be shipped. The invoice and packing list will be placed on the package(s). Customers from whom we have an email address will be sent an email specifying the date that the packages have been picked up by the DPD (Shipping Agent).


In spite of the fact the we deliver quality products and your order will be treated with the most possible accuracy, it can happen that products have to be returned
If you believe that the delivery is incorrect, you may return it if the packages are unopened and in the original condition. The package(s) have to be sent to:
Poko BV
De Droogmakerij 22 D
NL-1851 LX Heiloo. 
The Netherlands
Please contact us by phone or email to receive instructions and a return number.
Returns without a Poko Return Number (PRN) will be rejected.
The costs for your return will be charged.


The feed is packaged in 1 and 5 kilo containers. Bigger packages are, depending on the type of feed, packaged in 10, 15, 20 or 25 kilo.